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Disability insurance is designed for one reason: to help provide financial balance in the event a long-term illness or injury keeps you from earning your ordinary source of income. Without this type of insurance coverage (also known as “DI” insurance), a sudden illness or injury would be financially devastating, and because so many people earn their incomes in different ways, your particular disability quote needs to be personalized for your specific occupation.

Most people assume that disabilities are usually a result of an on-the-job accident; however, the overwhelming majority of disabilities are a result of illness rather than accident.

eDisability Insurance Quote possesses a substantial amount of knowledge in the income protection industry.
We have over 18 years experience helping families regain their footing once disaster strikes. Whether you are a physician, school teacher, office employee, dentist, or any other occupation, our goal is to educate as well as protect our clients from the overwhelming costs associated with long-term and short-term disability.
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